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Talk to our affordable and experienced lawyers:

  • Housing (Owner/Tenant)

  • Immigration (Visa/Asylum/Litigation

  • Family Law (Divorce/Conjunctions/Contact Orders/Domestic Violence)

  • Civil and Criminal Litigation Issues

  • Transportation (Purchase/Sale of Property)

  • Employment (Dismissal/Discrimination)

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English & IT Classes / IBM Program and Help applying to University 

Our services are 100% Free if you want to apply to study at more then 30 Universities in London / Birmingham / Leeds / Manchester / Liverpool

Our English classes can equip you with the right tools to go back to study or get a better job.  

And our IBM will equip you with live skills so you can successfully make it happen.


African Portuguese Speaking Engagement Strategy.

The APSC Ltd by Guarantee argues that in the British society, there is no system in place that is efficiently working with the APSC, and this is due to the almost 95% of the just over 100,000 APSC that entered in the United Kingdom with a Portuguese Passport, and consequently resulting in the APSC for the last three decades with a sense of been excluded from the British society. 


Aulas de Ingles
UK Gratuitas

Online ou Presencial

Com as aulas PRESENCIAIS & ONLINE de Inglês particulares ou aulas em grupo, a APSchool tem como objetivo equipar e otimizar a fluência no Inglês pessoal e professional.

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