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Air Passenger Duty

  1. Pay Air Passenger Duty

Alcohol duties

  1. Pay Beer Duty

  2. Pay Spirits Drinks Verification fee

  3. Pay Wine or Cider Duty

Capital Gains Tax

  1. Pay your Self Assessment tax bill

  2. Pay non-resident Capital Gains Tax

Child Benefit overpayments

  1. Repay Child Benefit overpayments

Construction Industry Scheme (through PAYE)

  1. Pay employers' PAYE

  2. Pay a Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) late filing penalty

Corporation Tax

  1. Pay your Corporation Tax bill


  1. Pay Aggregates Levy

  2. Pay Climate Change Levy

  3. Pay Landfill Tax

Fuel Duty

  1. Pay duty on biofuels or gas for road use

Gambling duties

  1. Pay Gaming or Bingo Duty

  2. Pay General Betting, Pool Betting or Remote Gaming Duty

  3. Pay Machine Games Duty

Income Tax and National Insurance

  1. Pay your Self Assessment tax bill

  2. Pay Class 2 National Insurance if you do not pay through Self Assessment

  3. Pay voluntary Class 3 National Insurance

  4. Pay your Simple Assessment tax bill

  5. Tax overpayments and underpayments

Inheritance Tax

  1. Pay your Inheritance Tax bill

Insurance Premium Tax

  1. Pay Insurance Premium Tax

Money laundering regulation fees

  1. Pay Money Laundering Regulations fees


  1. Pay employers' PAYE

  2. Pay employers' Class 1A National Insurance

  3. Pay a PAYE Settlement Agreement

  4. Pay a PAYE late payment or filing penalty

Pension schemes

  1. Pension scheme administrators: how to pay tax

  2. Pay Contributions Equivalent Premiums

Property taxes

  1. Pay Stamp Duty Land Tax

  2. Pay Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings

Self Assessment

  1. Pay your Self Assessment tax bill


  1. Pay Stamp Duty

  2. Pay Stamp Duty Reserve Tax

Soft Drinks Industry Levy

  1. Pay the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (notice 5)

Tax credit overpayments

  1. Tax credits overpayments


  1. Pay your VAT bill

  2. VAT payments on account

  3. Importing vehicles into the UK

Other payments

  1. Pay taxes, penalties or enquiry settlements

  2. Pay Intrastat penalties

Other payment methods

  1. Pay your tax bill by debit or corporate credit card

  2. Pay your tax bill by Certificate of Tax Deposit

Payment problems

  1. If you cannot pay your tax bill on time

  2. If you do not pay your tax bill


  1. Set up payments from your bank or building society to pay HMRC

Paying HMRC

Credit Assessment
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