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The APSC Organizational Work Strategy for the delivery of the Community Development Unit aims to:


  • Integrate projects and actions with the strategic planning to tune the basic guidelines.

  • Publicize and practice the vision, mission and, principles of the APS Community Development Unit project

  • Monitor and disseminate all the most advanced external scenarios.

  • See the reality.

  • Focus on the activities of the CDU projects prioritizing the expectations of the APSC Management Team, adding values and services.

  • Monitor and publicize the steps of each African Portuguese Speaking CDU project managers and constantly compare performances.

  • Plan and report planned changes. Seek synergy in differences to deal with turbulence and challenges.

  • Define and negotiate very audacious, challenging and innovative goals, creating a climate of constant movement and struggle.

  • Develop African Portuguese Speaking teams of projects and actions with power and autonomy.


With an Organizational Structure the APSC aims to:


Strategically plan HOW African Portuguese Speaking Business Plan and the Community Development Unit will be delivered in all:


  • The African Portuguese Speaking Communities (5 countries)

  • UK multicultural society

  • And all the APSC

    • Events,

    • Festivals,

    • Arts,

    • Education

    • Debates

    • Conferences

    • Worships

    • Receptions

    • Sports

    • And Parties

And strategically organize the Amigo and Black History Month with the African Portuguese Speaking Community event organizers.


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