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Writer and Author 

Henrique Sungo


2 years ago Henrique Sungo, a fitness instructor, nutrition consultant and sports psychologist based in London, England, seeking to make a significant contribution to the physical health of Angolans, is preparing to publish later this year (December) his literary work on nutrition, health and well-being, as revealed in a note sent to AngoRussia. With about 104 pages, the book will focus on alerting the care that the human being must have with food, as well as giving an incentive to the practice of physical exercises. "I had the idea of launching a nutrition book when I came to Angola in 2011, after a few months of work in a 

local gym, I improved my ideas and worked for it. The book talks about nutrition, health wellness, and exercise and has 104 pages "said Henrique. Apart from standing out as a fitness instructor, nutrition consultant, and sports psychologist, Henrique or Kito as he is also known, he asserts his extensive experience in the field, which guarantees him a firm position in the sector market in his majesty's lands and in Angola where he worked in 2011. Henrique Sungo is one of the good examples of Angolans with professional success across borders. He is from the province of Huambo the son of Bakongo parents, and as mentioned above, has lived in London for more than 8 years, and will now share his knowledge in everything that involves the well being of the human body with lovers of literature and not only.

The city of London received for the second time the literary work of the Angolan writer and author Henrique Sungo. Welwitschia Mirabilis' work A Esperança was officially launched on the 20th of October 2018 in the city of London. It is a children's book of patriotic cultural and national character with a version in Portuguese and English simultaneously. The characters in the animated book are Welwitschia Mirabilis, Giant Black Stick, and Cokwe Originator, a story that begins in the Maiombe Forest and ends in the Namib Desert.

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