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Cape Verde
Guinea Bissau

The primary strategy of the African-Speaking Portuguese Cultural Centre is to promote cultural heritage and develop the community through empowerment and active participation.

The African Portuguese Speaking Community is a non-profit Limited by Guarantee Company aspiring to co-create artist collaborations and projects while providing services through a Community Centre geared towards increasing community participation to empower and build the capacity of vulnerable groups within the community.


The PSCC serves the collective population of 53,000+ including the diasporas of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe and Equatorial Guinea the Portuguese and the Brazilians. The PS Centre is an innovative approach to supporting the African Portuguese-Speaking community in the UK and we strongly believe that Together We Are Better. 


The PSCC primarily seeks to work collectively and collaboratively to introduce a more cohesive approach to providing support and services to the community as a whole, while embracing the rich heritage, arts and cultural observances that exists within the individual countries.


APSC Cultural Centre will provide a Cultural Heritage Archive and Library for children, young people and their families to access to information, acquire knowledge, preserve and pass on the richness of African heritage, customs and traditions. This will be facilitated through the formation of a universally cultural education model which aims to develop a more robust understanding and acknowledgement of the inherent differences that exist among and within the countries.

The APSC Cultural Centre will serve as a venue for Happenings in literature, music, concerts, theatre, performance art and combined arts for children and adults, with an Awards Ceremony once a year to enhance recognition and positive role models connecting communities and co-creating the collective identity.


APSC Cultural Centre will be a creative, vibrant Centre point, connecting the roots and branches of all African Portuguese speaking diasporas in the UK.

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