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Please help us do our job,

With a simple DONATION you can help APSC raise money to open a Afro-Portuguese Community Centre in London and contributing for your, our home, London be a safer and better place to live.

  1. Since the African Portuguese Speaking Community ltd. (APSC) started to work with the people of the community, it was quickly discovered that the local UK Authorities and Social Services never  heard of this community adding that they knew them as Portuguese.

  2. The people of the  Afro-Portuguese countries in the UK  have been miss-represented at the Black History Month (BHM) and at the Amigo Month (Spanish & Portuguese speakers).

  3. There is miss-representation of this group  at senior roles within organisations and in addition to this the Afro-Portuguese story is not held in the Black Culture Archives (BCA), and not told in Local Schools where is a considerable number of Afro-Portuguese Speaking Communities.

  4. All of these factors have resulted in the  lack of participation and integration within the UK LEA (Local Education Authorities), English as an Additional Language Schools (EAL), Lack  of Counseling support and social inclusion Strategies, not one Afro-Portuguese Support Organisation actively working Monday to Friday resulting in a considerable increase on:

  • Women, Men and Youth Mental Health issues

  • Youth Crime

  • Domestic Violence

  • Poverty

  • Unemployment

  • Homelessness

  • And Language Barriers between parents and their kids

Donate for a Safer and Better London

Account Name: African Portuguese Speaking Community
Barclays Account Number: 03062821
Sort Code: 20-25-19
IBAN: GB51BUKB20251903062821


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