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APSC is honored to invite you to participate in the event taking place on March 8th between 2:30pm and 8:30pm at Barking, 15 Linton Road, London IG11 8HE. The aim of this event is primarily to celebrate the women of our community along with the rich diversity of women that the UK has become accustomed to and to take this opportunity to share some of the work of our female entrepreneurs, with special emphasis on the launch of the brand Black Power, products for African hair that will be for the first time in London.


Also to mark this very special date, we are launching a challenge to all participants who want to leave their positive mark on the world and together fight menstrual poverty in Cape Verde.

How can we do it? By donating £27.50. This will enable you to empower a schoolgirl with a reusable, eco-friendly cotton pad kit that lasts up to 10 years. By participating you are making sure that girls no longer have to miss school because of their status as women. Do you accept this challenge?


PS - For all entities and entrepreneurs who are out of the country or cannot attend the face-to-face event, you can participate in the online event via ZOOM, please register here:

Register here

Afro Portuguese -
Award Nomination 2022

On the 5th of November 2022 Afro-Portuguese Award Nomination at Barking and Dagenham. An unforgettable night who have hosted more then 130 guests and had the pleasure to have had among the guests local business, organisations and authorities who were delighted to share with the Afro Portuguese Community their engagement mission. APSC managed to have leaders, groups and organisations who have been also delighted to received an Award and contemplated with the local business and organisations messages of the opportunities that Barking and Dagenham Borough have to offer.

Everyone in the Afro-Portuguese community in the BD borough was invited to celebrate the realisation of projects, businesses, talents, ideas, community models, organisations and groups in the diaspora. The majority of nominations was directed towards the Afro Portuguese Speaking Community in the UK in recognition of how valued they are by their own community. In observance of the lack of involvement, participation and understanding of the issues of Portuguese Speaking Afro Communities in Barking and Dagenham Council and in the United Kingdom. Our organisation's mission in delivering the award nomination event was to increase dialogue, reduce bias, encourage engagement and participation, encourage community understanding within the diverse communities of the BD neighbourhood and also to open a charity shop with the objective of raising money to help Afro-Portuguese Projects and Activities in the BD Borough aiming at reducing Youth Crime and Unemployment. This Awards Event does also aimed to showed how the nominees embody the values ​​and behaviours of the Afro-Portuguese community; Through the nomination for the award, our organisation fond nominees with excellence, performing tasks and helped, supported and developed others.

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APSC thanks the institution Amigo Month and the London government authorities for the recognition and support and for all the attention paid to the Portuguese and Spanish speaking community over the last 15 years of battle for recognition of this community that aims to unite synergies between multicultural communities in the UK. 

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To help more APSC families get their voice heard and be seen by others as African Portuguese-speaking Community that can stand for themselves APSC has been engaging with local diverse communities events and activities.


Despite been for more than half a century unnoticed in the UK, without a voice and with a feeling that we the APSC, have been completely excluded from the British society, We the APSC Team decided to organise and be part of other groups and organisations events within the BD borough that are publicly recognising the ones in the community that stand firm in their professional and academic journey, and also the ones who are an example of a great talent or great personality within the community.

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a e venha participar na Little Half Mara
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The APSC Team is also through research methodology in this events and activities  identifying the Afro Portuguese current and ongoing needs and issues so they can successfully implement a strategic plan to develop the community, the aim of the strategic plan is to support African Portuguese Speaking communities (from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé, Equatorial Guinea and Afro Brazilians) to develop a unified, resilient, sustainable African Portuguese Speaking Community. 

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