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Our team has responded to the community needs by adapting to their needs and offering support through life skills programs, writing CVs, translating documents, job search assistance, accounting services, marketing and advertising support, and assistance with Universal Credit, Settlement Status and Visa applications.


We have been also working in partnership with Afro-Portuguese groups such as ARTE PURA, Patria Lingua Portuguesa, Grupo Internacional de Escritores Vozes da Diáspora, Sol & Green Arts, Box Braid Basildon, and other organisations such as UKON Careers, Faith and Belief Forum, BD Council, with the delivery of workshops, events, cultural conferences and networks,  aiming at engaging with local groups and organisations on the delivery of local events and activities and also in collaboration with our partners organising events, workshops, capoeira, drums and dance classes for up to 2600 people every year, aiming at promoting our culture identity and heritage locally and nationally.


FUNCTIONAL SKILLS (IT & English Lessons)

Aiming at Increased employability: Having functional IT and English skills can make individuals more employable, as many jobs today require some level of english and computer proficiency. This can open up a wider range of job opportunities and increase their chances of getting hired.


Promoting Engagement and Participation within the APSC

 Aiming to promote social inclusion and the cultural heritage of the Afro Portuguese community in Barking and Dagenham through empowerment and active participation. As a young organisation we are growing and adapting our services according to the needs of the community, that until recently had no tailored support, and was incorrectly identified by the UK’s authorities and local services, as European Portuguese.


Our Community SHOP

With the an online shop and an Afro Portuguese Community Shop and Cafe space we look forward to have a sustainable organisation that can afford to deliver an variety of social services. Leave your positive mark here by collaborating with our community with a simple donation.


Arts Therapy Workshops

This project involve working with Afro Portuguese ladies and other women's of the diverse communities in Barking and Dagenham to create art. The art could be in any form, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, or even creating a scrapbook using recycling material.

The goal would be to explore the feelings and thoughts of the participants through their art, allowing them to express themselves in a healthy and creative way


I.M.A.G.E.M. Base Model

Provide African Portuguese Speaking Community (APSC), Families, Parents, Leaders, organisations and groups with the competence to achieve unique and successful results, providing the TOOLS and KNOW-HOW that allows APSC Members of the Community, Families, Parents, leaders or groups the possibility of managing and designing their families, community, teams or organisation according to their values and goals.


Capoeira, Drums and Dance Classes

Capoeira and Dances classes are the perfect choices if you want to give your children a creative outlet from the very beginning! These are lively and structured classes for kids that develop physical skills and encourage creativity, expression and confidence. It's a mix between dance, game and fight. 

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