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Pátria Língua Portuguesa
16 to 18 of Novembro 2023

The Pátria Língua Portuguesa project, the eleventh edition which will take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of November 2023, in the city of London at the of Monte Rose College, University of East London, seeks, through lectures and cultural, tourist and business interventions, to raise awareness, inform, disseminate knowledge and exchange experiences with a view to strengthening the Portuguese language, cultural, tourist, business and political relations between Brazil, Portugal and the African Portuguese-speaking countries. 

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Functional Skills
IT & English Lessons 4 Adults

Many Afro Portuguese's families are struggling with normal daily functions due to the language barriers, and in order to help parents to play there role APSC introduced a Functional skills which are the fundamental ENGLISH , MATHS and ICT skills that people need for their working and personal lives.

APSC is also promoting our community identity by sensitising the Afro Portuguese and the diverse communities through activities and participating at local and national events of the issues that Afro Portugue 

In order to successfully deliver these APSC have been depending on donation to help pay for the spaces to deliver the lessons and also for the admin and teacher expenses. Any help will make a difference and you can with just a single donation. Clique here to donate   



(Combat knife and gun crime)

Currently APSC aims to work extensively with young people on several projects such as I.M.A.G.E.M. Base Model which is designed to help them realise their future, and what they are capable of. We believe that there aren't  enough access to the opportunities for young people to progress, or do positive things whilst they have the chance in life, which can often results in them going down in a negative path, and lead them into trouble. The I.M.A.G.E.M. Base Model Program and services we currently provide for the youths will  benefit them as well as create better opportunities, below are a list of the services:


  • Provide them with work experience opportunities etc. Fundraising events


  • Weekly group meetings where we provide motivational speeches and discuss about the young people and their background.


  • Organise events where young people come to socialise and bond with each other


School Holidays Projects

APSC aims to bring youths together during their school holidays and keep them occupied with fundraising events, they also take them to local areas in East London to feed the homeless people, Both organisations also provide motivational speech and educational talks about the adult world on the importance of managing their own life without having their parents around, from how to manage the NO answer to the importance to know that the world out there do not care, "if they do not fit the criteria's they will not be getting what they want". With these we aim to take kids out of the street and at the same time giving them valuable life skills and lessons.   


Help & Support with Housing, Employment, Health & Welfare, 

A great percentage of the APSC and Amigo community’s parents that emigrated to the UK in the last 20 years do not yet speak or do speak very little English, many of these families are still living in absolute poverty with incomes of 8.21 an hour or less sharing rooms in overcrowd houses and exist evidence to say that a consider percentage of their community are experience work exploitation.

Many of the APS parents the APSC Team work with the fallowing were identified; because of the language barriers, and even those who can speak English, due to the lack of confidence and trust are unable to speak for themselves. They can’t express themselves in ways that they start to think that some of a non-bilingual British citizen or other well establish communities sometimes can take them for granted at work, during their daily routine like shopping, or even at a school or social project meeting. APSC exit to help and support families with a advocate services in Health, Employment, Education and Welfare.


The Art Spectacle
Art Exhibition/Music/workshops

The BARKING & DAGENHAM CAPOEIRA & KIZOMBA DANCE LESSONS Project will put together an Afro Portuguese cultural performance with Traditional dance, Arts and martial arts, so the Afro Portuguese community can be part of cultural celebrations such as Faith and Belief and Big Half Marathon. Together with other cultural communities we aim to celebrate, learn and exchange moments, experiences and values. These events will be an opportunity for all communities to better understand each other, reduce loneliness, build social ties and improve wellbeing by strengthening physical and mental health within the BD borough and beyond.

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Art Exhibition

An Art Exhibition driven by afro-Portuguese artists and researchers focus on the identification, display and interpretation of what they collect, preserve and study about the Afro-Portuguese Speaking Community in the UK. APSC will work primarily with the emerging intergenerational artist and researchers of the Afro-Portuguese communities in the UK. APSC see this as an opportunity for an Afro-Portuguese Artist understand the importance of preserving a Community Identity and the progression of these practices, to connect with other communities through arts. APSC strongly belief that it is through these release, presentations, and movements from studios practice in to public space in a high stakes contest that our community identity starts to be acknowledge and our Afro-Portuguese Artists are able to grow. An important untold story that will recognize how many Afro-Portuguese Artists have not yet have an exhibition opportunity. In which affirms and validate an Afro-Portuguese exhibition model that is worth maintaining as a milestone that evolving it to better serve underrepresented Afro-Portuguese artists and communities.  Artista Afro-Portuguesa Yaneise Ramos autora do arte abaixo


Music Performance 


A total of three Traditional singers with their Bands accompanier with Traditional dance performers. The intention is to, through an Afro-Portuguese Music Performance Model , APSC  have a well prepared and organized Culture Performance Model to propose to the British society already ongoing Multicultural Events and Festivals throughout the year.  Artista Afro-Portuguesa Yaneise Ramod autora da arte abaixo:



(From invisible to visible)

Osvaldo Gomes is an active African Portuguese Speaking member of the community who identified within the community a huge lack of trust among their own groups and organisations resulting in division and lack of integration and participation within the community. For the last 15 years he has devoted a great part of his time putting together a work strategy that would attend and motivate the community groups and organisations in getting involved in the delivery of a Community Development Strategy that would build trust and eliminated from the APSC the sense of been excluded from the British society.

The APSC argues that in the British society, there is no system in place that is efficiently working with the APSC, and this is due to the almost 95% of the just over 53,000 APSC that entered in the United Kingdom with a Portuguese Passport, and consequently resulting in the APSC for the last three decades with a sense of been excluded from the British society. There is also strong evidence to suggest that whatever in place CIC, Charity, Non-profit Organisation, very little or almost nothing has been done to change this. The APSC argues that this is due to the lack of access to funding due to lack of identity acknowledgement by the British society that results in lack of Participation on the community initiatives or projects. The APSC also argues that, the fact that all of the already in place NGO’s that has been working only as volunteers and in their spare time, makes it impossible to have a proper structured organisation that can attend the community needs and aspirations.

With regard to the migration of the white Portuguese-speaking communities, some argue that their experience in the UK has been somewhat more prosperous most because they have formed their own organisations and invariably there is a very strong presence of differential treatment towards the APS communities who are rendered as figures to be used to get support and not to be supported.  Thus, the social oppression experienced by many of the APS community prior to migration continues to exist.   Given the extent of such experiences, APSC would argue that among the white Portuguese-speaking communities (whether unintentional or deliberate) “racism is a norm” and that being black equates to minimal status and less intelligence.

Too often in our society APSC families, are not heard; they are left out, made to feel that they don’t belong. And APSC exist to put that right. That is why the APSC Team joint forces with TROAN Charity and BATUKE and together they are organising WORK STRUCTURE AND A BUSINESS PLAN to raise money for an APSC COMMUNITY CENTRE to help more APSC families get their voice heard and be seen by others as African Portuguese-speaking Community that can stand for themselves. And despite been for more than half a century un-noticed in the UK, without a voice and with a feeling that we the APSC, have been completely excluded from the British society, We the APSC Team decided to develop partnerships and public speeches on the Afro-Portuguese identity to publicly recognise the community.


The APSC Team also identified the need for a strategic plan to develop the community, the aim of the strategic plan is to support African Portuguese Speaking communities (from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Equatorial Guinea) to develop a unified, resilient, sustainable African Portuguese Speaking Community

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